Since 1955, CROSSTOWN RADIATORS & MANUFACTURING has been providing outstanding quality cooling system components to the Industrial, Trucking and Automotive sectors.
CROSSTOWN is not a warehouse, but a 10,000 sq. foot, fully capable manufacturing and service facility where we custom manufacture any heating or cooling system component, and/or repair existing units in a timely fashion.
All CROSSTOWN radiators are manufactured using the highest grade materials available. Our radiator cores are built with copper fins, brass tubes, heavy gauge headers and a 3-step reinforcement process (depending on the application). The tanks used are either of a heavy gauge brass or steel. In essence, our radiators are manufactured to have maximum resistance, high output and long term reliability under extreme operating conditions.

Another important element is the radiator fin, which ensures the thermal transfer efficiency as well as strength. CROSSTOWN fins have the best geometry suited for each fluid involved in the thermal transfer process. Depending on the application requirement, our customers benefit by the best constructive solutions.

CROSSTOWN manufactures and supplies Radiator Cores, Complete Radiators, Heaters, Charge Air Coolers, Heat Exchangers & Parts, Water Pumps, Fuel Tanks, Oil Coolers, A.C. Condensers, A.C. Compressors, and A.C. parts. Re-coring of Charge Air Coolers, wash & repair services for Fuel Tanks and Charge Air Coolers are among the services CROSSTOWN provides. CROSSTOWN does not steam wash Charge Air Coolers like most shops do, our proprietary chemicals react with grease, oils, gas, and dissolve all aluminum particles leaving the components spotless inside.
We invite you to come and tour our facility, see our capabilities first hand and learn why CROSSTOWN continues to garner procurement by leading public and private sector fleet organizations.